Planning 16 inch section - Best Practices

  • Conduct Pre-section planning meeting between rig and office personnel to discuss section objectives and hazards.
  • Conduct a tool-box talk covering the expected problems outlined above and objectives…

Drilling 16 inch Section - Best Practices

  • Hold a pre-job safety meeting on BHA make up.

  • Make up 16” BHA as detailed in well specific programme.
  • Ensure a ported float is included in the string.
  • Circulate through the BHA and report weight in…

13 3/8” Cementing Program Checklist

  • Perform tool box talk.
  • Ensure the information below is known before starting the 13 3/8” cement job:
    • The expected stand pipe pressure and ECD at different stages of the cement job.
    • The predicated…

13 3/8” Casing Preparation and Running Checklist

  • Before running the 13-3/8” casing, make sure that the rig is correctly aligned with the rotary table centred over the wellhead (note: the DP will now be racked back so the weight distribution…

13 3/8” Casing - Wellhead and BOP Operations - Best Practices

  • After cementing operation on the 13 3/8" section.  Do not attempt to back out the landing joint to let fluid out. The normal procedures consist of cutting two holes and letting the fluid drain…