Logging Operations Best Practices

  • Operations Engineer to organise pre-job meeting at the rig site with rig and office personnel to discuss the job objective and hazards.
  • Pictorials to be prepared and discussed during pre-job meeting…

ESP - Checklist for starting up

ESP - Checklist for starting up

  1. Grounding of the wellhead, vented junction box and switchboard should be checked.
  2. Phase rotation equipment should be used to ensure that the motor will rotate in the correct direction.
  3. All flowline…

Preparation / Abandonment Checklist

Preparation / Abandonment Checklist

Issues related to the preparation and/or abandonment should be included in the Well Planning Document. These could be related to a new well with or without a conductor installed or could be related…

Checklist wireline packer running operations

Checklist wireline packer running operations

  • Do you need an electrician? Somebody must shut off th egenerators from the time the head is connected to the time the packer is 100 m below RT. Radio silence is also required. Thesame procedure…

Sidetracking Best Practices

  • Analyse logging and survey data from original hole
  • Select base of higher ROP interval as sidetrack point (probable over gauge hole overlying gauge hole)
  • Sidetrack point with inclination or dog-leg in…

Checklist install and test BOP

Checklist install and test BOP

  • Insure wear busing out of hole
  • Check connections on retrieving tool & test plug
  • Antifreeze in test fluid
  • Pump through manifold
  • Test cement unit w/chart
  • Accumulator drill
  • Remote panel function
  • Test…

Down Hole Gauges - Checklist

Down Hole Gauges - Checklist

The following checks should be performed before running Downhole gauges:

  • Review compatibility of SEM Interface Board with other DHG systems.
  • Ability to test Digital Gauges during completion work.…

Checklist completion tubing running operations

  • Is the T/A consistent with the hanger nipple and with the P-seals?
  • Do you know the hanger nipple serial number?
  • Do you know the tubing M/U torque?
  • How many turns to close the SRT rams? (Check the…

Checklist - Packer Running Operations

Checklist - Packer Running Operations

As packers are probably one of the most important items of downhole equipment in well completions, great care must be taken with their preparation and installation where they are used. All packers…

Checklist Tripping Operations

Checklist Tripping Operations


Pre - Trip Equipment Checks


The following are to be completed prior to tripping drill pipe.


Person or title


When completed




Check and…

Casing running checklist

  • Wear Bushing retrieved
  • Pre-job safety brief held with all parties
  • Back up float and shoe equipment in store or easily available
  • All float equipment is PDC drillable and written on the tools
  • Tailing…

Checklist - Fishing Equipment

Checklist - Fishing Equipment

Rope Socket Kit

  • 1 x Spear Head Over Shot 1 11/16” O.D.
  • 1 x Wireline Swivel 1 11/16” O.D.
  • 1 x Top Sub
  • 2 x Cone Type Rope Socket for Cut & Thread
  • 1 x Spear…

Differential Sticking - Best Practices

To prevent diferential sticking, Strict attention should be paid to drilling practices at all times whilst in open hole.

  • Hold toolbox meetings with all crews including mud engineer and mud logging…

Perforation Checklist

All radio transmitters turned off ?

Radioroom locked and key held by Drilling Supervisor ?

All hand held transmitters off and locked away ?

All vehicle radios off and doors locked ?

Are there any…

Reconnaissance Checklist - New Country

The end product of a reconnaissance visit is a report which summarises the views of a team of experienced specialists on all aspects of the proposed campaign. This report should be used to put on…

Cementing Checklists

PRE-JOB Checklist

  • Water sample sent to town for analysis
  • Pre-job safety brief held with all parties
  • Bottom hole temperature from logs consistent with norm and relayed to cementing Company
  • Caliper…

Cementing Job - Preparation Checklists

Checklist for Drilling Supervisor




Post-job remarks



Cement proposal checked/acceptable.




Cementer called out. Competence verified…

Drilling Programme - checklist

Drilling Programme - checklist

General Information

  • File name and location
  • Well Name
  • Classification
  • Country
  • Concession
  • Ground Level
  • Surface Location: Lattitiude ___ N, Longitude ___ E
  • Surface Coordinates: Field ___ N, Field ___ E…

Well Planning Checklist

This checklist is primarily concerned with the engineering design of the well.  It is not intended to be a project planning tool covering different well, rig and time related activities such as…

Coring Preparation Checklist/ Best Practices

  • Operations Engineer to organise pre-job planning meeting at the rig site, with rig and office personnel to discuss the job objective and hazards.
  • Sections are picked up in 30-foot lengths, so the…