ESP - Checklist for starting up



  1. Grounding of the wellhead, vented junction box and switchboard should be checked.
  2. Phase rotation equipment should be used to ensure that the motor will rotate in the correct direction.
  3. All flowline valves should be opened.
  4. The voltages and kVA ratings of the power transformers should be checked.
  5. The fuses, overload and underload settings should be checked.
  6. The current and voltage transformer ratios should be checked.
  7. The ammeter charts should correspond to the current transformer ratio, and the speed of rotation set to 1 revolution/day.
  8. A pressure gauge should be installed on the flowline.
  9. Bottom hole pressure and temperature should be recorded or the annulus fluid level checked.
  10. If a check valve has been installed the well should be filled to surface to enable back pressure to be maintained, and the pump to operate within its recommended range. Pumping at a very high rate, out of the recommended range, may cause vibration and damage due to upthrust.

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