Checklist completion tubing running operations

  • Is the T/A consistent with the hanger nipple and with the P-seals?
  • Do you know the hanger nipple serial number?
  • Do you know the tubing M/U torque?
  • How many turns to close the SRT rams? (Check the number of turns required to close the SRT rams while the crew is testing the line to 600 bars).
  • Measure the distance RT / Hanger nipple while the tubing is pulled at the beginning of the workover.
  • Have you measured all the parts required to run the completion (landing joint, X-Over, Running tool, ...).
  • Has everything been drifted?
  • What are the distances NRT / SRT and SRT / TBF?
  • Are the following equipment on site?
    • Cntrol line
    • Metal band
    • Control line protectors (how many?)
    • P-seals
    • Test ring for control line
  • During the job:
    • Record weight up/down
    • Record how many protectors and metal bands are used


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