Perforation Checklist


All radio transmitters turned off ?

Radioroom locked and key held by Drilling Supervisor ?

All hand held transmitters off and locked away ?

All vehicle radios off and doors locked ?

Are there any large commercial transmitters nearby ?

Are all electric welding machines electric isolated ?

Are all personnel aware of ‘no welding’ ?

Is logging unit grounded to wellhead ?

Has potential difference between rig and logging unit been checked ?

Have road signs been installed 500ft from location warning of radio silence in progress ?

Have signs been installed around the work area warning of hazardous operation?

Are all non essential personnel instructed to keep clear of explosives ?

Is weather suitable ie., no electric / dust storms ?

Has a safety meeting been held ?

Have other locations been advised of impending radio silence and its duration ?

If perforating under drawdown, is all production equipment tested and operational ?

If H2S is expected, have all precautions been taken ?

If kill fluid available and ready for pumping ?

Is firefighitng equipment ready ?

Is the arming key held by the Logging Engineer ?

Has a hot work permit been completed and are all precautions adhered to ?

Is fork lift truck out of use ?


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