Checklist wireline packer running operations



  • Do you need an electrician? Somebody must shut off th egenerators from the time the head is connected to the time the packer is 100 m below RT. Radio silence is also required. Thesame procedure should be applied when POOH.
  • Generaly, no gauge ring is run if a scraper has been used. If another packer was set previously, the zone is likely tohave been damaged. Do not run your packer in front of thiszone even if the zone has been cleaned by the scraper.
  • Never run your packer below the perforations and below TDscraper.
  • Be present when CCL is cheked at surface.
  • Do you know the distance CCL / TOP PACKER.
  • Stop at 500 m and log up 2/3 joints (check CCL and depth).
  • The packer can set at anytime. If this happen, you should beable to know if it is on a collar.
  • Running speed: 40 m / min.
  • Remind to the operator that he should watch the tensionwhile logging up. And that he should not go below the TDscraper.
  • What is the OD of the packer and of the scraper? Do you need to run a gauge?

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