Casing Patches

A casing patch can be required in the following situations:

- the casing has to be set high before the casing hanger has landed, (well control requirements may dictate that an emergency slip cannot be…

Casing Centralisation

The centralisation of casing and liners as well as the correct positioning of the centralisers are essential parts of any casing or liner job. The main reason for centralisation is to ensure a…

Casing types definitions

This article presents the definition of the various casing types: conductor, surface casing, intermediate casing, production casing and liner.

Marine Conductor (Offshore)

This is for offshore drilling…

Casing Setting Depths

Casing setting depths found in Drilling Programmes fall into two categories:

1. Those where the casing is set at a specific marker (ie., formation above reservoir).

2. Those where the casing is set at…

Casing and Liner Running Preparation Guidelines.

Preparation for Running Casing and Liner:

1. ENSURE that all casing/liner and associated equipment is delivered to the well site allowing sufficient time for preparation prior to running.


Casing and Liner Handling

This article describes the casing and liner handling guidelines.

Safety Requirements

  • ALWAYS wear gloves and eye protection when cleaning joints
  • EXERCISE CAUTION when rolling casing/liner across racks…

Casing Operations Responsibilities

This article describes the various responsibilities for casing running operations and quality control.

Responsibilities for casing/liner preparation, hole conditioning and mud conditioning prior to…

Casing and Liner Operations Planning

The following planning guidelines shall be adhered to:

  • The casing tally (bottoms up) shall be made listing the pipe as when racked. Casing length shall be casing running length and not total length.…

Example Casing Centralisers Programme

Centraliser programme for vertical and horizontal wells.

Centralizer spacing and float equipment for Vertical wells

Hole Size, in

Casing Size, in

Number of Centralizers

Shoe Track Design


Casing and Liner Colour Codes

Colour Codes for New Casing/Liner

All new casing shall be colour coded for yield as per API specifications 5CT.

API Casing/Liner Grade Identification Colour Codes

API Grade

Markings On Pipe Body…

Hole Conditioning before Running Casing or Liner

The hole conditioning guidelines described in this article should be adhered to in order to safely and successfully run the casing/ liner into the open hole.

Structural Casing

Driven or pre-installed:…

Liner Lap Testing - Inflow Testing

After running the liner, the liner lap shall be tested to a value based on the FIT at the previous casing shoe. If the test is unsuccessful  then the liner lap must be inflow tested, but if…

Casing Thread Compounds Friction Factors

This article present friction factors for typical Casing Thread Compounds.

Thread Compounds

Friction Factors

Bestolife 270


Houghton Stap Pb6


Houghton Joint No. 1


Loadout lists for 30", 20", 13 3/8", 9 5/8" and 7" Casing, 7" and 4 1/2" Liner

Example of loadout lists for 30", 20", 13 3/8", 9 5/8" and 7" Casing,  7" and 4 1/2"…

Stuck Casing - Remedial Action

In the event the casing string becomes stuck and all attempts to get it free are unsuccessful then , remedial action options shall differ according to the type of wellhead that is being employed and…

Casing and Liner Pressure Testing

The test pressure and the justification for this pressure shall be clearly indicated in the testing programme. The casing string shall be tested to the lowest value as dictated by the following…

Casing and Liner Running Procedures

1. General Running Procedure

1. Visually check each joint of casing/liner to ensure all joints are clear of foreign matter, measured and drifted.

Note: To prevent foreign matter entering the string…

Casing Make-Up Torque

Casing Make-Up Torque

Due to potential frequent changes to casing specification, casing make-up torque and drift dimensions shall be as per the manufacturer's…