Cement Remedial Grouting Procedure

If good returns were obtained at surface/seabed during the primary cement job, the casing to the drive pipe annulus should be topped up as follows:

  1. RUN a 2” tubing string down to the annulus as far…

Tips for the successful placement of cement plugs

(1) Set the plug on a firm foundation, if one is not available set the plug on an polymer retaining spacer with the same weight as the mud.

(2) Always use a polymer spacer weighted to midway between…

Setting a Magna + cement plug - Best Practices

  • Operations Engineer to organise pre-job planning meeting at the rig site, with rig and related service personnel to discuss the job objective and hazards.
  • Check pipe tally correctly (lengths &…

Introduction to Remedial Cementation

The main reasons for using remedial cementation procedures are to:

  • abandon specific reservoirs in a multiple reservoir completed well
  • seal off all perforations when abandoning a well to make sure…

Procedure for Setting Short Plugs

Where small amounts of cement are used, eg., when setting a plug across a window cut in casing, of maximum length 50 ft, the plug can be set by the “running plug” method as detailed below:

1. Run in…

Contents of the Cement Programme

The Cement Programme gives a detailed description of any non standard operations which are proposed. It shall also outline risks involved and precautions to be taken. (Reference shall be made to the…

5 7/8" hole balanced cement plug programme example

1. Make up 260m of 2 3/8", 6.65 lb/ft TBG cement stinger with mule shoe.

2. R.I.H. stinger on 3 1/2" drill pipe,circulate last18m down to bottom (3250m).

3. Cement Company: Rig up lines and pressure…

Example 4.1/2in Liner Cementing Procedure

1. RIH 4 ½” liner to shoe depth (Top of liner at RMLS window) as below

- 4 ½” smith needle nose float shoe made up with Baker Lok on one joint of 4 ½” casing
- 3 joints of 4 ½” casing as the shoe track…

Guidelines for Design of Cement Plugs

General Guidelines for Setting Cement Plugs (job design, volume and excess Requirements, slurry requirements)

Job Design

In deviated wells (deviation > 30 °, a solid base should be provided for the…

Example 7in liner 2 stage cementing procedure

  1. Calibrate rig pumps efficiency during the conditioning trip prior to pulling out of the hole to run casing.
  2. Check and line up manifold valves so that pumping can start upon positioning liner with…

General Liner Cementation Procedure

Procedure for single stage cementing operations whith an ES cementer and ECP installed:

  1. Prepare 30 bbls spacer 500 (10.5 ppg) in slug pit as per mixing procedure, while circulating.
  2. Set the hanger as…

External Casing Packers

External Casing Packers

This article describe the basics of external casing packers and the setting procedure.

Basics of Operation

ECP’s are inflation tools with expansion and sealing capabilities allowing a flexible…

Cementing Operations Responsibilities Checklist

Cementing Operations Responsibilities Checklist

A. Planning

Cementing Engineer

1. Ensure cement samples and additives used for testing are representative of the cement to be used for the job.
2. Ensure that adequate cementing products are at the…

Circulation/Squeeze Cementation Repair/ Remedial

Circulation repair cementation is used when cement behind casing has a poor CBL and zonal isolation is required.

The casing is perforated in two places, a retrievable packer is set between the…

Cementing Job - Preparation Guidelines

This article presents guidelines for: 1. Treatment of Mud Prior to Cementing, 2. Hole Volumes and Slurry Volume Calculations, 3. Circulation Test before the job.

Treatment of Mud Prior to Cementing


Cement Programme Preparation

The Cement Programme gives a brief explanation as to the objectives in setting casing, i.e.:
  • isolate hydrocarbons
  • isolate different pressure regimes
  • provide a pressure conduit of full integrity for…

Single Stage (Plug Type) Casing Cementation Procedure

  1. Circulate casing and condition mud. a minimum of 150 % of the casing contents must be circulated. Carry out circulation test to assess displacement rates, carefully monitor for losses.
  2. Drop first…

Spacers for cementing

Spacers are any fluids other than cement slurry or mud, pumped ahead (preflush) or behind (postflush) the cement slurry.

Preflushes are used to:

  • prevent contamination of cement slurry with mud
  • improve…

Procedure for Setting Balanced Plugs

1. RUN drillpipe with a stinger of tubing to the planned depth of the bottom of the plug.


* The stinger should have side jets and should be at least 100 ft longer than the planned cement plug.…

Example Calculation 20in Casing Cementing (Stinger)

This article gives an example of calculation for a typical 20" casing cemented with stinger (cement volumes, displacement volumes, collapse and floating).

Relevant Data

Derrick floor elevation: 100 ft…

Cement Testing - QA/QC

All slurry and spacers are designed and tested at the Cementing Contractors Laboratory. Samples of cement (10kg), additives and mixwater must be sent from the well site to the laboratory for this…

Responsibilities during cementing

Planning and supervision is crucial in cementing operations. This article describes the key responsibilities for the Drilling Supervisor, Cementing Engineer, Mud Engineer and Drilling Contractor.


Cement Evaluation - Cement Bond Log Interpretation

Cement Evaluation - Cement Bond Log Interpretation

This article presents the key elements for Cement Bond Log Interpretation (free pipe, good bond, hard formation, micro annulus)

Free Pipe

Free Pipe is characterised by the following:


Cement Evaluation - Cement Bond Logs (CBL)

This article describes how Cement Bond Logs are used to interpret the quality of the cement bond. The Cement Bond Logs (CBL) gives a continuous measurement of the amplitude of the first casing arrival…

Inner String (Stinger) Casing Cementation Procedure

For offshore cementation of the 20in surface conductor, the following procedures shall be used for inner string cementation:

  1. Make up stab-in sub and centraliser and rih on 5in drillpipe.
  2. Stab stinger…

Squeeze Remedial Cementing

The following 3 methods may be used in performing a squeeze cementation: Spot and Squeeze, Straight Squeeze and Circulation Squeeze.

1. The Spot and Squeeze or Block Squeeze method is the term used…

Multiple Stage Cementing Tools and Procedure

1. Multiple Stage Cementing Tools

Multiple stage cementing (MSC) tools can be run in the casing string for any of the following reasons:

To improve the chance of retrieving casing from a specific…

Balanced Cement Plug Example Calculations

This article gives an example of calculation for a typical balanced cement plug job.

Parameters to be Calculated

The following parameters shall be calculated for the setting of a balanced plug.

  • 150 %…

Cement Additives (function and definition)

The additives to be used and their concentration shall be decided by the Cement Contractor, after testing the slurry using representative samples of cement, additives and mixwater despatched from the…

Example Calculation 9.5/8in Casing Cementation

Example Calculation 9.5/8in Casing Cementation

This article presents an example of calculation for a typical 9 5/8" casing cementation (cement volumes, displacement volumes, pressure at bump, etc.).

Relevant Data

  • Vertical exploration well.
  • Previous…