Single Stage (Plug Type) Casing Cementation Procedure

  1. Circulate casing and condition mud. a minimum of 150 % of the casing contents must be circulated. Carry out circulation test to assess displacement rates, carefully monitor for losses.
  2. Drop first…

Example Calculation 20in Casing Cementing (Stinger)

This article gives an example of calculation for a typical 20" casing cemented with stinger (cement volumes, displacement volumes, collapse and floating).

Relevant Data

Derrick floor elevation: 100 ft…

Inner String (Stinger) Casing Cementation Procedure

For offshore cementation of the 20in surface conductor, the following procedures shall be used for inner string cementation:

  1. Make up stab-in sub and centraliser and rih on 5in drillpipe.
  2. Stab stinger…

Multiple Stage Cementing Tools and Procedure

1. Multiple Stage Cementing Tools

Multiple stage cementing (MSC) tools can be run in the casing string for any of the following reasons:

To improve the chance of retrieving casing from a specific…

Example Calculation 9.5/8in Casing Cementation

Example Calculation 9.5/8in Casing Cementation

This article presents an example of calculation for a typical 9 5/8" casing cementation (cement volumes, displacement volumes, pressure at bump, etc.).

Relevant Data

  • Vertical exploration well.
  • Previous…