Tips for the successful placement of cement plugs

(1) Set the plug on a firm foundation, if one is not available set the plug on an polymer retaining spacer with the same weight as the mud.

(2) Always use a polymer spacer weighted to midway between…

Setting a Magna + cement plug - Best Practices

  • Operations Engineer to organise pre-job planning meeting at the rig site, with rig and related service personnel to discuss the job objective and hazards.
  • Check pipe tally correctly (lengths &…

Procedure for Setting Short Plugs

Where small amounts of cement are used, eg., when setting a plug across a window cut in casing, of maximum length 50 ft, the plug can be set by the “running plug” method as detailed below:

1. Run in…

5 7/8" hole balanced cement plug programme example

1. Make up 260m of 2 3/8", 6.65 lb/ft TBG cement stinger with mule shoe.

2. R.I.H. stinger on 3 1/2" drill pipe,circulate last18m down to bottom (3250m).

3. Cement Company: Rig up lines and pressure…

Guidelines for Design of Cement Plugs

General Guidelines for Setting Cement Plugs (job design, volume and excess Requirements, slurry requirements)

Job Design

In deviated wells (deviation > 30 °, a solid base should be provided for the…

Procedure for Setting Balanced Plugs

1. RUN drillpipe with a stinger of tubing to the planned depth of the bottom of the plug.


* The stinger should have side jets and should be at least 100 ft longer than the planned cement plug.…

Balanced Cement Plug Example Calculations

This article gives an example of calculation for a typical balanced cement plug job.

Parameters to be Calculated

The following parameters shall be calculated for the setting of a balanced plug.

  • 150 %…