Contents of the Cement Programme

The Cement Programme gives a detailed description of any non standard operations which are proposed. It shall also outline risks involved and precautions to be taken. (Reference shall be made to the…

Cementing Operations Responsibilities Checklist

Cementing Operations Responsibilities Checklist

A. Planning

Cementing Engineer

1. Ensure cement samples and additives used for testing are representative of the cement to be used for the job.
2. Ensure that adequate cementing products are at the…

Cementing Job - Preparation Guidelines

This article presents guidelines for: 1. Treatment of Mud Prior to Cementing, 2. Hole Volumes and Slurry Volume Calculations, 3. Circulation Test before the job.

Treatment of Mud Prior to Cementing


Cement Programme Preparation

The Cement Programme gives a brief explanation as to the objectives in setting casing, i.e.:
  • isolate hydrocarbons
  • isolate different pressure regimes
  • provide a pressure conduit of full integrity for…

Spacers for cementing

Spacers are any fluids other than cement slurry or mud, pumped ahead (preflush) or behind (postflush) the cement slurry.

Preflushes are used to:

  • prevent contamination of cement slurry with mud
  • improve…

Cement Testing - QA/QC

All slurry and spacers are designed and tested at the Cementing Contractors Laboratory. Samples of cement (10kg), additives and mixwater must be sent from the well site to the laboratory for this…

Responsibilities during cementing

Planning and supervision is crucial in cementing operations. This article describes the key responsibilities for the Drilling Supervisor, Cementing Engineer, Mud Engineer and Drilling Contractor.


Cement Additives (function and definition)

The additives to be used and their concentration shall be decided by the Cement Contractor, after testing the slurry using representative samples of cement, additives and mixwater despatched from the…