Drilling Fluids Losses: Barites Plugs

A successful Barites plug should accomplish:

  • killing of the well
  • plugging of lost circulation zone.


Barite plugs shall be applied when the following situations arise:

  • Simultaneous…

Drilling Fluids Losses: LCM in Reservoir Section

If losses occur in reservoir sections, the following options are available:

As a first step, the mud gradient shall be reduced, formation pressures permitting.

If the gradient reduction provides no…

Drilling Fluids Loses - Gunk Squeeze

If conventional LCM pills prove ineffective, a gunk squeeze may be attempted. The method utilises the swelling property of Bentonite in the presence of water. This method is not to be used for losses…

Drilling Fluids losses - LCM in Non Reservoir Section

Drilling Fluids losses - LCM in Non Reservoir Section

If lost circulation is expected, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Nozzles of minimum 18/32in shall be used. As a rule-of-thumb, bit nozzles must be three times larger than the…