Emergency Response Responsibiliites

This article describes the Emergency Response Responsibiliites foir the C0mpany man,  OIM and Contractor Representative.

Company Drilling supervisor

  • Responsible to take immediate responsive…

Minimum safety stock for HPHT operations

Drilling fluid volumes (active, reserve and kill mud)

The minimum safety stock of mud available on surface prior to and whilst drilling any potential high pressure formation will be:

  • Active…

Mud cooler for HPHT wells

One of the modifications recommended is to install a mudcooler. This is basically a heat exchanger with interconnections for serial or parallel operation, depending on required mud temperature…

HPHT Drilling Procedures

HPHT Drilling Procedures

The information contained in this document is provided as guidelines and should be used in conjunction with the kick procedures flowcharts to deal with specific well control problems.

These procedures…

8.5" Section Drilling Programme HPHT

1 Objective

Drill 8 1/2" hole to 15316 ft, run a lookahead VSP, drill 8 1/2" hole to ± 15581 ft (85 ft above the "x" marker, run logs and set the 7" liner .

2 General

1. The actual depth of the liner…

HPHT procedures

This article describes the keys elements for preparing a HPHT procedure

An offshore Daily Meeting will be held between Company Drilling Supervisor, and service companies to review programme, procedure…

Rig Team HPHT Checklists

Rig Team HPHT Checklists

Checklists for the members of the rig team: OIM, Barge Master, Toolpusher, Driller, Assistant Driller, Derrick Man,  Cement Operator, Mud Engineer, Mud Logger.

Download HPHT Checklists - Word…