Underreaming procedures vary from tool to tool. However, it shall be verified that:

  • the tool is function tested with the mud pumps on surface before running in
  • the cutters are secured inside the tool…

Acronyms and Abbeviations

Main acronyms/ abbreviations used in the oil industry


AH                  Along hole

API                 …

Multilateral drilling programme

1. introduction

The purpose of this outline program is to set the framework for the operations.

This programme will prepare the existing well, for a forthcoming near horizontal multilateral side-track…

Standard Drilling Tools

Some of the standard drilling tools commonly used in drilling are briefly described here, together with procedures for, and information on, their use. More detailed descriptions and specifications of…

Conversions factors

This article presents the main conversion factors for oil field and SI units.

Length/Depth/Distance (SI unit - m)

1 inch…