Surveys required before rig move - Offshore

Hydrographic Surveys

When  moving into a new location the following  hydrographic surveys are required:

  • seismic
  • sidescan sonar
  • water depth
  • soil analysis.

These surveys are by arranged by…

Surveying requirement for exploration well

1 Oceanographic and meteorological support

Before planning an offshore operation it is essential to obtain information on the weather in the area. Wind, wave and current conditions have a major impact…

Guidelines for Site Survey/ Hazard Requirements for Drilling Units

For an area where no previous knowledge of jack-up penetration / sub-bottom information is available the location must be cored, this may be done by a coring vessel prior to rig arrival or from the…

Types of vessel, offshore support

Types of vessels, offshore operations, supply vessel, stand-by vessel, AST vessel

- Specifications may vary from above, and capacities are approximate only.

- Fuel consumption figures are given as a…

Diving operations in exploration drilling

Every offshore drilling operation must include some possibility of underwater intervention. This may be required for a variety of routine tasks including re-entry, guide-wire or riser connection,…

Stand-by vessel duties, equipment and standards

This article describes the Stand-by vessel (SBV) and Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) duties, equipment and standards

1. Duties

The Master of the stand-by vessel shall ensure that:

  • Portable radio sets and…