To minimise the time between effective well operations, it is imperative that sites are prepared correctly and that drilling rigs are moved in an efficient and safe manner.

The primary objective of a rig move is to plan and execute the operation in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible, consistent with applicable safety and environmental standards.

Rigs offshore and onshore shall not be moved without an approved rig move plan.


Responsibiliites for Rig Move, Site Preparation and Site restoration

Responsibilities for the implementation, supervision, verification and control of rig moves and site work are listed in the following table:



Quality Control


Rig Move Dailly Report (Onshore and Ofshore)

The following information should be included in the daily rig move report to be submitted to Superintendent.

Onshore Rig Move

  • Date
  • Old location
  • New location
  • Total loads
  • Loads moves
  • % Rigged up
  • %…

Rig Move Inspection Requirements (Onshore Operations)

Drilling Contractor Inspection Requirements

Prior to and during any rig equipment movement, the Drilling Contractor shall make inspections and checks on crane and support equipment condition eg.,…

Onshore Rig Moves - Well Status

This article describe the well status requirements for Onshore Rig Moves.

1. Well Status Prior to Rig Move from Old Location

The following barriers shall be in place in a development well:

  • annuli…

Truck Driver Rig Move Toolbox Meeting

This article describes the main topics to be discussed during the the truck driver rig move toolbox meeting.

  1. Back ground of rig move.
  2. Back ground of drilling contractor & policies and procedures…

Site Restoration

After completion of the drilling operation by the drilling rig, the well is suspended.

The following possibilities exist:

  • The well will be re-entered within a short period by the work over rig to…

Responsibilities during offshore rig moves

Rig moves should be carried out by two Marine Personnel. Deviations from this rule can only be authorised by the Marine Manager. The Marine Manager, or his nominated deputy, shall supervise the actual…

Offshore Rig Moves Planning and Preparation

Navigational Planning

The Marine Officer should plan the courses between locations, and routes to be taken through fields with due regard for jackets and barges or other vessels which may be moored in…

Site Preparation for Land Wells


On a monthly basis the Drilling Contractor shall be provided with a list of proposed new locations. This list is initiated by Drilling Manager and includes buffer locations to allow for…

Offshore Rig Moves

This article describes the various issues to be considered for planning an offshore rig move.

1. Well/Jacket Status

Well Plugging Prior to Rig Move

  • If the current well path is less than 100 ft from…

Offshore Rig Move Plan

1.    Rig move preparation

  • Administration (Rig move plan)
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Weather

2.   Preparation of new location

  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Diving/seabed surveys
  • Preparation of…

Rig Move Planning (Safety and Review)

General Safety Procedure for Rig Moves

Prior to moving the rig the Drilling Contractor shall address the following points:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment is a must when walking around on…

Onshore Rig Move Plan - Table of Content

1. Rig move preparation

  • Location survey
  • Road Survey
  • Preparation of advanced loads
  • Administration (Rig move plan)
  • Equipment Inspection

2.   Preparation of new location and camp

3.  …