12. Well Testing - Typical production test contract

As each Production Test is specific, it is not normal for a COMPANY to have a contract in place such as the one briefly described in the next section. The norm is to enter a short-term contract…

06. Well Testing - Equipment preparation

1 Introduction

It is usual to contract out Well Testing Services, including the inspection, testing, drifting of equipment in base workshops and on site.

The effort and time spent to ensure the…

02. Well Testing - Production test objectives

1 General

Test objectives can vary from a single downhole sample to an extensive long duration reservoir limit test. This will form part of the well programme.

Stimulation and artificial lift are two…

08. Well Testing - Health, safety and environment

"Health, Safety and Environment" are the aspects of activities which relate to how work is carried out rather than to what is done. They have been grouped together and must jointly be given equal…

07. Well Testing - Operational recommendations

1 Surface

1.1 Anti-pollution measures

It is possible that hydrocarbon pollution of surface waters could occur during production testing. A spill is likely to be limited as the well and production test…

09. Well Testing - Contracting strategy

The testing contract strategy is an integral part of the project execution plan. The contract strategy needs to be finalised at the earliest opportunity, i.e. the planning stage. Well testing cannot…

01. Introduction to Well Testing

01. Introduction to Well Testing

1 General

Successful production testing of exploration wells requires the choice of appropriate test string design, equipment and facilities, and strict adherence to safety measures. An integrated…

04. Well Testing - Personnel and responsibilities

1. Size of the production test crew

A minimum of rig personnel should be on board during well-testing operations. Well test personnel will complement the rig personnel some time prior to the actual…

03. Well Testing - Production test data acquisition

1 Bottom hole pressure and temperature

It should be noted that the information given in the following tables only partially shows the expected performance specification of the gauges. Company…

DST Programme Example

1. Objective:

DST the 14,000’ sand to evaluate production potential.

2. Well Information

Water Depth: 130’
RKB to WL: 90’
RKB to ML: 220’

MW Drilled With: 17.0 ppg

10. Well Testing - HSE policy guidelines

10. Well Testing - HSE policy guidelines

It is the Company's policy to conduct their activities in such a way as to take foremost account of the health and safety of their employees and of other persons, and to give proper regard to the…

05. Well Testing - Equipment description

1 General

The majority of Well Testing carried out world-wide is in the 5000 psi WP regime. In recent years there has been a need to go deeper with resultant higher temperatures and pressures.


13. Well Testing - Specifications for skid mounted separators

These specifications apply to the design and fabrication of skid mounted production vessels, including all associated piping, fittings and valves, etc., mounted on the skid where intended use of the…

11. Well Testing - Test String Programme Example

*1 5000 psi well testing programme
*1.1 Test objectives
1.To test the transition zone to determine the maximum water saturation at which oil will continue to be produced.
2.To determine the extent of…