Cementing Operations Report.

Cementing Operations Report.

This article presents a template for a Cementing Operations Report.

Download: 681 - Report - Cementing Operations.xls

Mud Section Summary Report

Mud Section Summary Report

This article presents a template for a mud section summary report.

Download: 678 - Report - Mud Section Summary.xls

BHA Performance Report

BHA Performance Report

This article presents a template for a BHA Performance Report.

Download: 679 - Report - BHA performance.xls

Job Description - Construction Superintendent

Reports to the Drilling Manager. Represents the company and coordinates all construction related activities required to support the Drilling Department, including drilling locations, access roads,…

List of situations for which contingency plans are required

One of the more important tasks of the Management is to ensure that a contingency plan is in place, before commencing operations, for the following situations:

  • Blow-out contingency plan.
  • Fire on land…

Casing Running Operations Report

Casing Running Operations Report

This article presents a template for a Casing Running Operations Report.

Download: 680 - Report - Casing Running Operations.xls

Description de poste - Superintendant Construction

Le superintendant construction rapporte au Directeur Forage. Il est responsable de la coordination de toutes les activités de construction liées aux activités de forage…

Preliminary planning, exploration drilling, new venture

Guidelines for preliminary planning of exploration drilling

1 Liaison with Exploration

The Exploration Ventures group, is the customer for the whole single string venture organisation. Their drilling…

Legal Requirements - UK


If DTI consent is required, it needs to be requested 28 days before the well activity is planned to start.

The DTI has to give consent for a range of operations. Sufficient information should be…

Activities likely to require permits or licenses

Llisted below some of the activities for which permit and licenses may be required. It should be checked in advance whether any permits are required, what the procedure is for the submission of…

Expatriate housing and accomodation requirements

When setting up a new exploration venture organisation, the following guidelines are recommendd for arranging expatriate accomodations:

  • Expatriate staff should be provided with accommodation up to…

Transport considerations for drilling operations

Transport (road, water and air) considerations for drilling operations

1 Road transport

Subject to local regulations, all vehicles (such as pick-ups, stake-side trucks, prime-mover/trailers, oilfield…

Timing requirement for exploration drilling operations

Casing is usually the most critical item with respect to timing. Most countries impose very strict purchasing procedures (world bank, local agents etc.) that must be followed to insure potential cost…

Setting up Drilling Offices

It is most likely that the company will have been set up in order to undertake the seismic operations. When the operations team arrives to commence preparations for the drilling phase they should find…

POB - Bed Space Required during DST operations

The attached spreadsheet presents the POB/ bed space required for planning a DST testing operation on a land rig. Bed Space for DST Operations.xls


Job Description - Construction Supervisor (Drilling)

  1. Reports to the Construction Superintendent. Represents Company in overseeing the operations of construction, civil works, and water well drilling contractors engaged in the support of drilling…

Job Description - Driller


1. The Driller is in charge of the actual drilling operations and supervises the drill floor crew, as well as  the use and maintenance of the drilling equipment.

2. He is…

Job Description - Drilling Engineer (Project and Planning)

  1. Reports to the Drilling Manager
  2. Prepares the annual Drilling Budget, AFE’s and updates the Cost Manual. QC daily costs report.
  3. Review and update on a 6 months basis the bonus targets. Calculate bonus…

Job Description - Technical Assistant Drilling

  1. Reports to the Drilling Manager and works for the whole drilling team
  2. Provides full secretarial support to Drilling Department.
  3. Prepares presentations for management and engineering meetings.
  4. Manages…

Job Description - Drilling Manager

Represents the Company in all drilling related activities required to drill, evaluate and complete a well.

  1. Manage relationship with Senior Management and Department Managers to insure that drilling…

Material support base for drillng operations

this article describes the main issues to address when setting up a material suport base for drilling operations

1 Location

Offshore operations

  • Good access for supply vessels at all states of the…

Job Description - Technical Assistant

 … reports to the Drilling Engineer – Project. Ensures that the drilling reporting is maintained to Company standards. Works with the Drilling Manager, Drilling Superintendent and the Drilling…

Logging Operations Report

Logging Operations Report

This article presents a template for a Logging Operations Report.

Download: 682 - Report - Logging Operations.xls

Guidelines for financial procedures in explorations projects or new ventures.

The majority of the financial aspects of a New Venture are outside the scope of the Country Management. There are however a few issues which are the responsibilities of the Country Manager: Manual of…

Staffing requirement for exploration drilling operations

this article describes the staffing requirement for setting up a drilling exploration campaign

1 Senior Staff

The main members of the operations team are the Country Manager and the Department Heads:…

Contracting strategy for exploration drilling material

Contracting strategy guidelines for key drilling material to be used for exploration and new venture drilling operations (casing, wellhead, bits, mud cement, liner hanger, fuel)

1 Wellhead



Setting up communications for exploration wells

This article gives general guidance for non-telecommunications-specialists about the overall telecommunication requirements and gives details of the various systems available.

Most of the systems…

Job Description - Material Man Rig

 …Reports to the Drilling Supervisor and also works with the field members of the Materials Department. He performs these assignments under the supervision of the Drilling Supervisor at…

Contracting Strategy - Exploration well

Contract documents have to be concise, clear and complete. "grey areas" will lead to disputes over what was the original intention (especially when personnel involved in clarification meetings are no…

Job Description - Drilling Supervisor

  1. Reports to the Drilling Superintendent. Represents the company at the well site, in dealing with and overseeing the daily operations of the drilling contractor engaged in drilling and completion of a…

Job Description - Completion Superintendent

Responsible for planning the completion activities (programme, equipment).

  1. Works with Sub-surface team to design fit-for-purpose completions.
  2. Provides written specifications to the Logistics…

Reporting requirements - drilling operations

Routine reports must be made to various organisations on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

1 Daily drilling report

This is the vehicle by which all interested parties are kept informed of the details…

Management of Change

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that:
- Changes during drilling and workover operations performed within Well Operations are assessed for risks, approved and documented.
- Actions are taken…

Insurance requirements for drilling operations

The arrangement of insurance should be ascertained whether

- There is any particular insurance legislation in force in the country of operations; and if so, to what extent such legislation may affect…

Job Description - Drilling Assistant

Assistant … reports to the Drilling Manager but works for the whole drilling team. 

  • Provides full secretarial support to Drilling Department.
  • Prepares presentations for management and…

Job Description - Drilling Engineer (Operations)

  1. Reports to the Drilling Superintendent
  2. Monitor the daily drilling and completion operations. Update the appropriate charts, files and directional well course maps
  3. Prepares Drilling Programs/ Load out…

Drilling Operations Planning

The sub-surface department  is the budget holder and customer. The drilling requirements may be a prospective area or a contractual requirement to drill one or more wells under an exploration…

Job Description - Drilling Superintendent

… reports to the Drilling Manager. Represents the Company in all drilling related activities required to drill, evaluate and complete a well.

  1. Conduct morning calls and review morning reports from the…

Job Description - Senior Drilling Supervisor

The Senior Drilling Supervisor is responsible for the supervision and implementation of the well programme, and to ensure that all well operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner, within…