List of situations for which contingency plans are required

One of the more important tasks of the Management is to ensure that a contingency plan is in place, before commencing operations, for the following situations:

  • Blow-out contingency plan.
  • Fire on land…

Preliminary planning, exploration drilling, new venture

Guidelines for preliminary planning of exploration drilling

1 Liaison with Exploration

The Exploration Ventures group, is the customer for the whole single string venture organisation. Their drilling…

Expatriate housing and accomodation requirements

When setting up a new exploration venture organisation, the following guidelines are recommendd for arranging expatriate accomodations:

  • Expatriate staff should be provided with accommodation up to…

Transport considerations for drilling operations

Transport (road, water and air) considerations for drilling operations

1 Road transport

Subject to local regulations, all vehicles (such as pick-ups, stake-side trucks, prime-mover/trailers, oilfield…

Setting up Drilling Offices

It is most likely that the company will have been set up in order to undertake the seismic operations. When the operations team arrives to commence preparations for the drilling phase they should find…

Material support base for drillng operations

this article describes the main issues to address when setting up a material suport base for drilling operations

1 Location

Offshore operations

  • Good access for supply vessels at all states of the…

Staffing requirement for exploration drilling operations

this article describes the staffing requirement for setting up a drilling exploration campaign

1 Senior Staff

The main members of the operations team are the Country Manager and the Department Heads:…

Setting up communications for exploration wells

This article gives general guidance for non-telecommunications-specialists about the overall telecommunication requirements and gives details of the various systems available.

Most of the systems…