Typical coiled tubing procedures

1 Sand Consolidation

1.1 Introduction

This job outline provides the general considerations to be taken when carrying out a sand consolidation job by coiled tubing. The details will be dependent on the…

Coil Tubing Applications

1 General

Advances in coiled tubing manufacturing techniques and stress/fatigue prediction, have reduced the risk of coiled tubing failure.

In principle, live/flowing well can be introduced in an…

Coil Tubing Equipment

1 General

The coiled tubing operation permits the technique of "snubbing" a continuous length of tubing in and out of a live well through a stripper BOP arrangement. It consist of the following…

Coiled tubing operations and HSE considerations

1 Service selection

The selection of the well intervention method for a particular task should consider:

  • Geographic location: The location determines accessibility, weight/size/configuration…