Implementation, Supervision, Verification and Control

Responsibilities for the implementation, supervision, verification and control of drilling operations are listed in the following table:



Quality Control

Provide input to…

Inspections requirements for drillng operations

Inspections should be undertaken by the Department Head who will be responsible for managing the relevant contract. An inspection should check that the item complies with relevant regulations or code…

Typical deficiencies encountered in drilling operations

This article presents a summary of the main deficiencies encountered in drilling operations

1 Lifting equipment

All equipment used for lifting must have the safe working load clearly marked on it.…

Audit questionnaire

1 Communication and motivation

  • Are rig site and office based safety meetings minuted?
  • Distributed to all involved/concerned parties?
  • Are identified action items reviewed and formally closed out?
  • Do…

Deficiencies in Safety Management Systems

Main deficiencies encountered in the safety management system of drilling operations

1 Safety meetings

Rig site meetings held on a weekly basis with short 'toolbox' meetings subject to operational…