Lost Sidewall Sample Bullets

In case of lost Sidewall Sample Bullets, the following guidelines should be considered ...

  • If bullets are lost in the hole, run in with a rockbit (without nozzles) and junk sub, and rotate and…

Responsibilities during Fishing Operations

Responsibilities of the Company Drilling Supervisor, Specialist Contractor Engineer, Drilling Contractor Toolpusher, during fishing operations.

Company Drilling Supervisor:

  • The overall responsibility…

Miscellaneous Fishing Tools

This article describes the following fishing tools: Magnets,  Lead Impression Blocks, Rope Spears, Taper Taps and Die Collars.


The following guidelines should be used when using magnets:…

Fishing Planning and Preparation

Fishing Planning and Preparation

When equipment has been lost or is stuck in the hole, the following points shall be considered in deciding the optimum course of action:

  • The type of equipment in the hole to be fished (drillpipe,…

Chemical Cutters for Stuck Tubing or Drillpipe

The chemical cutter is a tool designed to cut and allow retrieval of stuck tubing or drillpipe in a well. The primary advantages of this tool over explosive methods are its ability to sever tubing…

Fishing with Junk Subs

Junk subs are constructed with rib guides which are welded to the main body. These guides assist in preventing the cup from becoming crushed and guide the tool. Junk subs are available in various…

Fishing tools selection

The table below presents the types of fishing tools and their applications

Type of Fishing Job

Type of Fishing Tool

Names of Tools

Recovery of Tubular Fish

Connecting Tools


Fishing with Junk Retrievers

The following 2 types of Junk retrievers are discussed in this article: Coring Type Basket and Reverse Circulation Junk Basket or Jet Retriever.

Coring Type Basket

The coring type basket cuts a short…

Fishing Guidelines

The following best practices should be considered for fishing operations:

  • All fishing tool details shall be recorded on a drawing prior to running the tool. In particular, the safe working load for…

Fishing with Washover Strings

Washover strings can be used when:

  • the formation has bridged off and stuck the string.
  • the string has become cemented in the hole.
  • dressing the top of the fish for latching on with an overshot.
  • milling…

Fishing Assemblies and tools

Fishing Assemblies and tools

Fishing Assemblies and tools.Fishing is the general term used to describe the special techniques that are employed to recover items or equipment from downhole. Details of tools, equipment, and…

Fishing with Spears

Recommendations to be used when fishing with a spear:

  • Spears shall be dressed with a pack-off rubber to circulate when required. A stop ring or stop sub shall be used to prevent the spear from…

Fishing Tools: Drilling/ Fishing Jars,Accelerators, Bumper Subs

This article describes force multiplying fishing tools: Jars, Accelerators, Bumper Subs.

Drilling/ Fishing Jars

If a fishing specialist contractor is used, the contractor should be consulted on a case…

Fishing in slim hole wells

 With improved equipment and operating practices, downhole failures have decreased in all drilling operations. The cost and time to sidetrack round a fish has been substantially reduced due to…

Fishing with Overshots

The following guidelines should be considered when fishing with overshots:

  • A pack-off should be installed if circulation through the fish is required before POOH.
  • If the hole size is larger than the…